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Chemical Dosing Pump Manufacturer and Exporter

Asha Technocrats is providing safe and reliable water treatment systems for converting brackish and sea water into pure, drinkable, fresh water fit for human consumption, Swimming pool and pleasure of water as well as for Heating and Heat recovery application. We are devoted to deliver design, manufacture, install and commission Reverse Osmosis desalination systems to deliver high quality products, improved technology backed with dedicated services that are extensively tested, reliable and user-friendly even in the toughest conditions.

We are one of the leading company providing water treatment solutions, Chemical Dosing Pump, Chemical Metering Pump, EMEC Dosing Pump, EMEC Metering Pump, EMEC Chemical Dosing Pump, Swimming Pool and pleasure of water as well as for Heating and Heat recovery application.

We are popular Water Treatment Company having decades of outstanding products and services with vast experience in Water Treatment Industry. Our developed technically designed systems are custom-engineered to suit any application, that are providing the most economical and efficient solution in the market. Sea Recovery Water Maker with water maker, you have the power to manually optimize and configure your system settings as according to any water condition you encounter. We are offering a complete custom-built solution for swimming pool & water treatment. Our unique solution with technologically cutting – edge systems and quality maintenance enables.

Chemical Dosing Pumps


We are offering our clients with gigantic scope of Chemical Dosing Pump which are widely used to pump the substance liquids transversely the vital medium. Dosing alludes to nourishing the chemicals in a careful time interim. The chemical can respond in a much effective manner when encouraging at the precise interim of time. As we as a whole realize that the when doctors recommend the prescription as single dose or twofold dose a similar way the dosing pump is utilized to infuse a deliberate amount of chemical substances into the substances. The offered Chemical dosing pump is widely used in different types of water treatment solution to pump very minute quantities of fluid of chemical. The dosing is the most precision work and one of the main task in chemical and process engineering and water treatment solution. The supplied chemical dosing pump can be used by small electric motor as it is small in size construction. The dosing pump mainly finds its application in agricultural industry, medicine, and manufacturing industries. The offered chemical dosing pump are the best choice for injecting the chemical such as chlorine or a cleaning detergent into water supply for swimming pool or other water treatment plant. Moreover there are few of the common applications and industries for these dosing pumps that include water treatment facilities, chlorine dosing for pools, car washing and industrial cleaning of trains. As a cleaning part of this process, it is very important to control the factors such as pressure, the pH of the liquid and to make sure that the chemicals are delivered at an accurate level. We can offer you with an absolute modified solution. As well as chemical dosing pumps, we also supply an extensive assortment of parts and accessories, including controllers, valves and other fittings.

Water Powered Chemical Dosing Pump

To meet the diversified requirements of our prestigious clients, we are offering an assorted range of Water Powered Chemical Dosing Pump. These offered Water Powered Chemical Dosing Pumps can be used without electricity to run. We are offering our esteem clients with diverse brand names Water powered chemical dosing pump which is simple and ingenious system that has demonstrated its worth since many decades in various countries. These pumps are installed directly in the water supply line, and the pump operates without electricity as it uses the flow of water as the main source of power. The water used activates the pump that takes up the necessary percentage of concentrate and injects it into the water. Inside the dosing pump the concentrate is mixed with the water and the water pressure forces the solution downstream. These dosing pumps find request in sugar industries, pharmaceutical industries & paper industries. Offered dosing pumps are developed by our experienced professionals utilizing extreme class material as per the technological advancements. Our customers can benefit these dosing pumps at industry foremost rates within in a given time frame.

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Water treatment plant service provider offering the best water softening plant solution
is said to take the backing of diverse processes facilitate in water treatment design for making it appropriate for different industrial purposes.
This treatment type is sure to ease diverse development to treat water and to make it quite apt for consumption purpose.

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All the functions and particulars in our water treatment system are designed to make customer easier. With pioneering solution everything can be performed effortlessly and proficiently.

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We are offering the service by utilizing high quality materials that conform to ISO and other International quality standards.

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Outstanding to our fine good place ability and allotment network our work is done on time and delivered within the proper time frame.

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