Fine Bubble Diffuser

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Fine Bubble Diffusers produce a superfluity of very small air bubbles which rise steadily from the floor of a waste water treatment, plant or sewage treatment plant oxygenate tank and provide efficient and significant mass transfer of oxygen to the water. It is generally produce in various forms like : disc , plate, tube etc.

Types of Fine Bubble Diffuser :

  • Disk - Disk diffusers contain of an EPDM rubber membrane which is mounted on a plate.
  • Tube - Tube diffusers contain a long, narrow plastic or ceramic cylinder encircled by an EPDM rubber membrane.
  • Bubble tube – Bubble diffusers are made up of two paramount types disk diffuser and tube diffuser.

We can produce special shapes , special sizes for specific applications. Asha Technocrats manufactures high performance , fine bubble ceramic diffusers used greatly for water and wastewater applications. A fine bubble diffuser was established in the wastewater treatment system as a tool for aquarobic water treatment. We supply fine bubble diffusers with fine quality to our customers. So, you will get the best fine bubble diffuser rate from us.

Applications of Fine bubble Diffuser :

  • Industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Activated slurry, wastewater.
  • Expanded diffused aeration systems.
  • Agricultural waste water.
  • Oxidation of ferric, manganese and arsenic.
  • Demisting of lakes or reservoirs.
  • Wetland water treatment systems.
  • Farming for fish & shrimps.