Chemical Transfer Pump

Chemical Transfer Pump

Firstly let’s understand what is chemical transfer pump? A chemical transfer pump is any kind of pump which can safely shifts and dispenses chemicals among a system, be it a positive displacement pump or spiral pump. Chemical transfer pump are very exceptional pumping machines which can handles assertive and corrosive liquids. Frequently chemical resistance pumps made up of plastic or steel. Before selecting the chemical transfer pump , one should check the material of it which are compatible with each other or not. Incompatible chemicals can be too corrosive for the pump and can damage the insides. Many chemical pump transfer mild liquids such as cosmetic products whereas some chemical are much harder than that.

Since some couple of years manufacturing industries are playing lead role in our globe and also secure it’s position on globe. Among all industrial sectors, chemical industries is one of the most emerging industrial sector. In all this ASHA TECHNOCRATS came across as a No. 1 manufacturer, exporter and supplier. ASHA TECHNOCRATS is one of the prominent manufacturer to supply a high quality of industrial-pump. Our team guarantee that the pump made by us are enough capable that liquid is fully compatible. We provide chemical transfer pump with distinct practical principles to provide solutions to various drawbacks. ASHA TECHNOCRATS comes with a great solution to pump liquid by using recently designed industrial pumps which are built to transfer chemical.

We basically manufactures 3 types of pumps to transfer the chemicals. They are :

  • Slurry pump.
  • Chemical pump.
  • Centrifugal pump.

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