Chemical Dosing Pump

Generally a chemical dosing pump is a small and positive displacement pump mechanically works using tiny electric motor or air actuator. In order to pump an accurate flow rate of chemical materials, it is designed accordingly. The chemical materials are transformed into water, steam or gas flow to pump by various different methods. First take a precise amount of chemical and then inject in into the pipe is the basic method of chemical dosing pump.

There are numerous applications in which chemical dosing pumps are used such as agriculture, industrial use, production of medicines, and others according to the functions of chemical dosing pump. Our range of chemical pump transports an accurate indicator of chemicals, evidently reliable, easily installed, and high calibration.

Some features of the Chemical Dosing Pump are as follows:

  • They are manufactured by improved advance quality.
  • They perform giving a precise flow.
  • There unique functionality is smooth operations.
  • They are consistent to use.
  • They perform perfect operation.
  • They are Leak proof.
  • All pumps have advance working functionality.
  • Superior quality
  • Accurate flow
  • Very fluent operation
  • Reliable to use
  • Flawless operation
  • Leak proof
  • Advance working functionality
Chemical Dosing Pump manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India

As per the specifications, they can be customized in different sizes for diverse capacities. All the products are strictly inspected by the quality and management standards. Thus, we ensure you quality assured chemical dosing pump manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We also perform trading services. Thus, we are the finest chemical dosing pump supplier in India.

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