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Our company is the foremost Electric Diaphragm Pump manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. These dosing pumps provided by us are manufactured using the best quality raw materials and are as per the latest standards that make their use convenient across the country. The best quality Diaphragm Pump in India and the Electric Diaphragm Pump in Ahmedabad is provided by us.

Electric diaphragm pumps don't have a fixed connection to the center section and they are generated by a small electric motor attached to the pump. This creates the pumping action of the diaphragm. The diaphragms will remain motionless without building up pressure, when the pressure at the outside of the center section is larger than the pressure inside the center section. Until the outside pressure is lower than the pressure inside the center section the diaphragms won't move even though the center section will turn.

The features of the Electric Diaphragm Pump are as follows

  • Energy saving as no need of Compressor/ compressed air
  • Good Suction.
  • Higher Flow Rates
  • Efficient.
  • Can manage high vicious liquids.
  • Negligible pulsation in flow
  • Flameproof motor optional

Electric Diaphragm Pumps are used in many industries for fluid transfer application. They are most commonly used for water removal in many industries. Due to its effective and accurate operations, it is used for metering, and dispensing. We are a prominent electric diaphragm pump manufacturer in Ahmedabad. As our client services are renowned we are also electric diaphragm pump supplier in India.

This Electric Diaphragm Pumps are as per the latest requirements that promote their use worldwide. Besides, they are designed in a manner that they cause minimum wastage and possess all the modern functionality that makes them convenient to use. It is manufactured using the cast iron or the stainless steel which can be chosen as per requirement. Besides, they can efficiently operate in horizontal and vertical direction. These pumps are very easy to operate and install.

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